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Hit & Run Driving
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Attorney Reed N. Noble has successfully handled Hit &
Run Driving cases for clients since 1982.

Your Hit & Run offense carries with it very serious
personal and financial consequences including:

a. Potential loss of your driving privileges, for property
damage only cases; mandatory loss of your driving
privileges for bodily injury or death cases,

b. Significant insurance rate increases, 220% for
property damage only cases; 400% for bodily injury or
death cases,

c. Potential jail, Class 1 Misdemeanor punishment for
property damage only; Class H Felony punishment for
bodily injury or death cases, and

d. Significant expenses for court costs and fines.
All consultations to discuss the effect of your Hit & Run
case and the game plan to "fix it" are
free and any
without obligation whatsoever

Attorney Reed N. Noble will help you negate or minimize
the effect of your Hit & Run offense upon your license
and your insurance by:

a. "Plea bargaining" to lesser included offenses,

b. The use of "prayer for judgment continued" in property
damage only cases, so that no final conviction is
entered from which license points and insurance points
can be calculated,

c. "Out-Right Dismissal" in some property damage with
an "insurance letter", and

d. "Trial" of your matter to put the State of North Carolina
to task.

Attorney Reed N. Noble can "waive your appearance" in
court even when your speeding ticket says your
appearance is "mandatory" in most cases when you fill
out the form below and send it to him.
Drive Carefully!