Your Most Important Step After a Motor Vehicle Accident
Get an experienced personal injury attorney immediately to preserve your rights and to maximize your recovery.

The role of an attorney is to prevent disputes from arising and to settle those which do arise favorably for his client.

Your most important step after an accident is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney! This will allow you to concentrate on your most important job-- getting better.

North Carolina is "a contributory negligence state" which means that an automobile accident victim seeking compensation for his personal injuries and property damage must not have contributed to the cause of the accident or he gets nothing! While there are limited exceptions to this general rule, your personal injury attorney will clarify your position and will speak for you so that you do not unwittingly "create a dispute" about the cause of the accident.

Once your attorney demonstrates to the insurance company for the at-fault party that you did not contribute to the accident they generally "accept liability" for your personal injuries and property damage. However, just because an insurance company agrees to "accept liability" for an accident, does not mean that they will pay any money to the accident victim! Let me be perfectly clear about this. Should an insurance company even "offer money" on a case in which they have "accepted liability," this does not mean that they will pay a fair amount of money for your injuries and damages! If so, personal injury attorneys would not be in business.

Your personal injury attorney will address the money issue by defining and documenting each applicable claim you have to the insurance company so that your dispute will have the best chance for a favorable financial settlement outside of court.

Noble & Quinn have represented thousands of injury victims since 1982. Call us immediately so we can be your voice when dealing with the insurance companies.

Finally, as your personal injury attorney we will be able to offer advice on whether you should accept the insurance company's offer, counter-offer or file a lawsuit to resolve the matter.
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