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Premarital Agreement
Attorney Reed N. Noble has successfully prepared Premarital Agreements and other related documents for clients since 1982.

The purpose of a Premarital Agreement is to define the property rights of each party before they enter into a marriage. Specifically, a Premarital Agreement is designed to settle all questions concerning the rights and interests that each party may have or acquire in the property of the other, as well as to settle all spousal support issues of the other by virtue of entering into this marriage.
In short, a Premarital Agreement clarifies the separate property of each party. It specifically deals with all real and personal property, all tangible and intangible property and their expectancies, as well as defining the property rights to all earnings, appreciation, interest, dividends, and their proceeds, that each will maintain as separate property notwithstanding this marriage.

These documents are routinely used by people who marry later in life, have family and who have had successful separate careers. They are also helpful for people who have children from a previous marriage and who wish to be able to provide for them either in the future or at their death from their separate assets. Finally, Premarital Agreements are perfect for people contemplating marriage when the person they wish to marry has a significant difference in personal assets, and they are concerned about their personal assets should the contemplated marriage does not work out.

Noble & Quinn, Attorneys at Law P.C. understands your concern about your financial welfare. Preparing your Premarital Agreement through our firm will give you peace of mind that your agreement cocerning your property rights will be settled before your marriage.