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Uncontested Divorce
Attorney Risa Quinn Feldbusch has successfully handled Uncontested Divorce cases for clients since 1982.

In North Carolina either party to a marriage may file a Complaint for Absolute Divorce if the following conditions have been met:

a. Either party has been a resident of North Carolina for more than 6 months preceding the filing of the action,

b. The parties have been separated a 1 year and 1 day,
c. At least one of the parties separated with the intent to live separate and apart, and have actually lived continuously separate and apart without resuming the marital relationship since the date of separation.

All consultations to discuss the details of your Uncontested Divorce case are free and any without obligation whatsoever.

Attorney Risa Quinn Feldbusch will help you minimize the emotional aspect of your Uncontested Divorce by:

a. Eliminating your need to go to court to obtain your Uncontested Divorce, and

b. Assisting you with resuming your maiden or former name without additional charge.
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